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Attention!  Lamp Shade Makers

Fear of Competition?

If you are not plagued with this fear, worrying about someone copying your designs, or beating you to the sale, please read on . . .

I believe the craft of lampshade-making is truly an art, and not for everybody.  I have found that there really aren't that many of us.  Why can't we get together, network, pool our resources by sharing our ideas, designs, skills, business strategies, materials, etc., at the first


Year 2000 shade symposium

What About the Shade Symposium?

For a very reasonable (yet undetermined) fee, we can gather together at a location for one or two days.  The location will be based upon the geographical area from which most response is received.  If you are interested in joining in the planning committee, I assure you it will be great fun!  Preferably, we will have several committees to coordinate this event, so why not get involved at the ground level?

we need your Response ASAP to express your interest in either attending or coordinating.