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I'm a 47-year-old lady who get younger every year -- so that makes me somewhere in my thirties about now.  Though I've had lots of occupations and professions during  my life, now I am fortunate enough to live in a peaceful setting in the secluded North Georgia mountains with my husband, and sometimes children and grandchildren.  I live in Dawsonville, GA, about an hour north of Atlanta.  In our so-called "semi-retired state," we enjoy doing many crafty things, such as building on the property, landscaping and gardening, music, writing, sewing clothes and home decor, etc.

It was my background in sewing and decorating that gave me confidence for the skills to create these lampshades.  I am no longer interested in big business and so-called success, since we found that to be too much of a "rat-race."  It's wonderful to be able to do whatever you feel like doing each day, although I never get everything done!

Being somewhat of a perfectionist, I give 100% to the construction of each and every lampshade.  And since I love doing this, it's not that difficult.  It just takes a lot of time and skill.  I have bunches of designs in my head, but never have enough time to do them all.  So I welcome custom orders, for these get done quicker than my own "yet-to-be shaded" designs.

Other than creating lampshades, I love to garden and seem to do a lot of it -- Outdoors in fair weather, and in the greenhouse when it's cooler.   As a matter of fact, I LOVE nature and every aspect of it.  My adoration and love for nature is the closest I've ever come to experiencing GOD!  And it is to this Creative Aspect that I owe all my gratitude!  If you can relate to my philosophy, be sure to visit my links page.

I hope you will enjoy this site, and get "excited"enough to contact me!   After all, these ARE

Lampshades . . . you'll get excited about!

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Kind regards,

Jessica Gunnelli