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Lampshades . . . you'll  get excited about!  

Decorative Lampshades are finally coming back in style.  If you have been looking -- and not finding what you really want -- why not let me make an original one for you?  There is no additional charge for custom shades.

Here are some points to consider:


AFFORDABLE  -   My Custom designs do not cost more  because every shade I make is a custom shade.   It's really a question of your design or mine!   Your design requires more coordinating, but this is a freebie.  My designs are the "ready-mades" or all those "can't-wait-to-be-mades."


YOUR LAMP -  Do you have a beautiful antique lamp that NO-SHADE-SO-FAR does it justice?  I would love to customize a shade to fit your lamp and suit your decor -- at no extra charge, of course!


EFFECTS  -  Lighting effects of decorative lampshades encompasses an endless assortment  of effects -- far beyond the "bright , white reading light."  You will be surprised how  the deeper colors, textures and patterns produce interesting,  beautiful, and romantic mood lighting, in addition to making an artistic statement, as well. 


DAMAGED & TORN?  - Old shades that have "disintegrated" from age can be affordably recovered.  I suggest strong, decorative fabrics, or  you may wish to use your  own fabrics.   Most likely your new shade will last forever!


LIMITLESS VARIETY  -   You won't believe the  incredible variety of sizes and styles of  lampshade frames now available.  Unless you are in the business of lampshades, there are many more than you could possibly imagine!


QUALITY MATERIALS  -  An abundance of time, devotion (and fun!)  is attributed to finding quality fabrics and trims, many of which are antique.  The exquisite materials,  creative designs, and precise craftsmanship, produce exceptional lampshades that you will be proud to own.    And you can be certain that the quality of your shade will last and survive washing!