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Good Enough to Guarantee -  First of all, these shades are made so well that you would never likely to have a problem -- But just in case you do, any problem due to construction would be repaired or replaced. 


Fabrics - Only the finest quality fabrics are used.  A wide assortment of silk fabrics (500 samples) are now available.   I also like to use decorative fabrics (i.e., drapery & upholstery) because of the beautiful patterns, textures and durability, as well as the perfect match to your decor.


Thread vs. Glue -  The entire shade and materials are constructed with machine or hand stitching (mostly by hand!) with the exception of certain trims.  The stitching (as opposed to gluing) ensures the durability and washability of these shades.   This is why I can safely guarantee the construction of my shades, assuring they   will not come apart -- probably EVER!


Wrapped Wires - I prefer to begin lampshade construction with wrapped wires, as opposed to painting or coating the wires.  This allows a good surface to stitch to, as well as prevents a potential problem with the wire rusting or the paint chipping.  For more detailed information on this subject, please click on the above link.


Linings  - Most of my lampshades are fully lined (with the same precision as the outer fabrics) using complimentary fabrics and colors.  The only instance when a shade is not lined is when the underside of the selected fabric is as beautiful as the facing fabric, and it would be a shame to cover it up!