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Antique Wire-Lamp with Seed-Beaded Fringe

Gold damask faille-moiré fabric with gold satin lining.  The trim is an antique royal blue velvet cording, and the gold metallic trim bordering the blue velvet is also a vintage trim.  The accent is a florentine gold metallic piece, bordered with gold and amythyst trim, accented with an amythyst stone.  The original-designed  seed beaded fringe is 2", also accented with genuine amethyst beads.

Top = 6"
Bottom = 10"
Height = 8"
Overall Height = 18"



seedbeadlamp.jpg (13223 bytes)

w-seedbeadlamp.close.jpg (13313 bytes)Close-up Views  

seedbead.lamp.lit.jpg (10246 bytes)Lit-up, with a beautiful golden glow!SeedBead.jpg (31245 bytes)